Веб ажлын талбаруудын харьцуулалт

07 Sep

Web Framework – уудын харьцуулалт. Сүүлийн үед манайд Symfony нилээд дэлгэрээд байх шиг санагдсан. Янз бүрийн л framework – ууд байдаг юм байна. Бид хэд эдгээрийн аль нь сайн болох талаар жаахан сонирхсон боловч энэ тэр гээд хэлчих юм байхгүй л байна. Ингээд харжээ байхад манайхан өөрсдөө дундаа ядаж нэг framework хөгжүүлэх юмсандаа гэж бодож байлаа 🙂

Бүгдээрээ өөр өөрийнхөө мэддэг framework – ийнхоо давуу сул талуудыг бичиж үлдээвэл баярлана шүү 🙂

Дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэлийг эндээс

MVC frameworks written in php

Framework PHP4 PHP5 Modeled after Notes
Web Application Component Toolkit You are on the WACT web site.
Achievo ATK Yes Yes
Akelos PHP Framework Yes Yes Ruby on Rails A Ruby on Rails port to PHP. Additionally supports multilingual models and views, url rewriting, database migrations, interactive console, Pure PHP support for Unicode, Code Generators, Built in XHTML validator, Automated locale management, Ajax file uploads… feature list
AModules3 No Yes AModules2,Java*,Cocoa AModules3 application code might look more like Java code instead of PHP. Framework fully use potential of PHP5. It has conceptually proper MVC implementation, support for multiple APIs and fully OOP design makes it very good choice for writing serious applications. Most importantly – it’s been stable since 2006 February and heavily used in commercial and free applications. See presentation of AModules3 and explanation how it fits into Web
Ambivalence Maverick
Aukyla PHP Framework Nice ideas: Local URI’s (stream wrappers) and OpenDocument file handling. Released under a dual GPL/Commercial license.
Biscuit Ruby on Rails Similar to Cake only using much more procedural code (rather than OO). BSD licensed.
bitweaver Yes Yes bitweaver is a highly modular application framework for content management. It is a fully functional web application and feature rich CMS. It is truly open source, community driven, object oriented, and written in PHP. It uses Smarty Templates and ADOdb to support many databases including Postgres, Firebird, Oracle, and MySQL.
Caffeine Web Framework No Yes Lightweight framework that uses whitebox approach to coding. Features pure-PHP templates and config files, as well as usable ORM implemented in just 2 classes. Quite simple (for the most part). BSD licensed.
Cake Yes Yes Ruby on Rails A Ruby on Rails like framework for PHPMIT licensed.
Cgiapp CGI::Application Cgiapp is a port of the perl library CGI::Application. Instead of providing a full MVC framework, it provides a framework for creating controller classes that have templating hooks. The default template engine used is Smarty, but users have used Savant with it successfully.
CodeIgniter Yes Yes RoR Small framework, but very promising
Copix Yes Yes
Core Enterprise PHP Core Enterprise PHP (CEP) is a modular application framework designed to allow rapid application development of large application mande up of re-usable components.
EZ Publish Yes
Fusebox Yes Yes Ported from ColdFusion An extremely popular framework in the ColdFusion community, ported to PHP some time ago and actively supported in both languages.
Halo No Yes SpringFramework PHP5 MVC framework built on top of Substrate, a PHP IoC/DI Container. Leverages the IoC/DI Container for Controller configuration. New BSD License.
Kohana No Yes CodeIgniter
Konstrukt No Yes HTTP Focuses narrowly on the controller-layer.
Kumbia No Yes Spanish Framework MVC Full Support and other patterns
Krysalis Cocoon
Inek No Yes Java Struts from a PHP Perspective Inek Framework is designed around PEAR, using HTML_Quickform, DB, Config, Log and Smarty
Innomatic No Yes Innomatic is a specialized platform for building administrative type applications. One of the main differences between Innomatic and the other PHP platform is that Innomatic is a container for multiple applications and domains/sites, while the majority of other frameworks serves only as a skeleton for a single Web application/site. In fact, already existing (and multiple) frameworks can be ported and used as webapp handlers for domain webapps. Innomatic also provides a WebDesktop environment.
InterJinn Yes Yes
Jelix No Yes highly extensible and modular PHP 5.2 MVC framework designed for huge loaded web site, with cool features like an ORM, a light-weight template engine, a powerful form system, ACL, authentification, Ajax & web services supports etc.
Kolibri No Yes Apache Struts, Django Kolibri values flexibility with sane defaults over forced convention, simplicity over complexity, loose coupling over forced inheritance. For instance, Kolibri doesn’t promote a single templating system, but instead includes support for both XSLT, Smarty and regular PHP templates by default.
Limb PHP Web Application Framework Yes PHP Web Application Framework
Limonade Yes SinatraCamping,Orbit Limonade is a PHP micro framework for rapid web development and prototyping. It aims to be simple, lightweight and extremly flexible. Unlike many others PHP frameworks, it is written in a procedural programming way, providing a short set of functions that complete the PHP APIMIT licensed.
Mojavi Yes
Navigator Yes Yes PHP4/PHP5 MVC framework which uses “Inversion of Control” pattern. This framework is attended to provide maximal flexibility for developers.
NanoMVC Yes Yes RoR, CakePHP, Grails A PHP5 framework for quickly building complex web applications that are easy to refactor and scale well against ever-changing customer requirements.
Nette No Yes MVP Nette is a powerful, component-based and event-driven framework for creating web applications and services in PHP 5. Nette Framework is designed with simplicity in mind. Nette can be used with classes from Zend Framework.
Nexista No Yes Nexista is an Open Source php/xml/xslt based development framework for building robust and scalable web applications. Focus is on applying REST philosophies to application APIs.
P4A Yes MVC PHP 4 Applications (P4A) is a PHP RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven stateful web applications. It features tableless HTML, accesskey support, auto data type recognition, transparent AJAX, UTF-8, i18n/l10n, PEAR integration. PHP4 support is being phased out.
PHP on Trax Yes Yes Ruby on Rails A True Ruby on Rails framework clone for PHP (PHP5 and PHP4).
PHP Work Yes Yes ASP.NET-like, Code behind approach Object oriented, event driven, component based, with AJAX and I18N support. Very good documentation and plenty of examples.
phpDrone(wiki) Yes phpDrone is a open-source PHP framework for php5 or higher that incorporates a lot of features that will help PHPprogrammers in the process of web development.
PHPulse No Yes Fast templating MVC framework which handle the minutia of front end development such as form processing, HTMLgeneration and templating thus leaving the developer to only worry about developing the application. Built-in templating engine, modular development and the fastest pageload time of any web framework.
PhpMVC Java Struts from a PHP Perspective
phpPeanuts Yes Yes Dynamic Scaffolding Application Framework. It doesn’t do just CRUD, relations and searching are also scaffolded (user interface and ORM). Favors default reasoning and the ‘once and only once’ principle. Adapts dynamically to changes in meta data.
Phrame Java Struts from a PHP Perspective
Popoon Cocoon
Prado No Yes .NET, Delphi PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5.
Pronto Yes Yes A general-purpose framework consisting of several loosely-coupled layers for rapid web development.
Qcodo Yes A code generation-based framework for PHP5. Generates your object relational model (CRUD objects) as WELL as simple CRUD-based pages which can be extended/customized. Code can be regenerated without destroying customizations. Presented at MySQL User’s Conference as well as the Zend/PHP conference in 2005.
rwfphp PHP Reusable Web Framework – rwfphp for short. Basic framework to create bigger framework/custom apps with.
Samstyle PHP Framework Yes Yes Samstyle PHP Framework is a faster, lighter, and ever greater PHP framework that is prepared for the Web 3.0. It has the set of tools, functions and methods ready for web development. Be it email validation, template handling, error management, flexibility, content management, or speed, it is far superior. The project aims to develop a fast, greatly optimized, scalable and easy-to-understand framework for PHP.
Sapphire / SilverStripe No Yes RoR and CMS systems Requires PHP5.2 to provide allow for object-oriented language features found in Ruby and Python, has SilverStripe CMS on top, providing Web2.0 style admin system built to manage basic and complex websites effectively, and has out of the box modules (shop, forum, blog, etc). A few months after launch, it was included in Google Summer of Code and voted a finalist in PacktPub Open Source CMS Awards.
Seagull Yes Yes best practices Concise OOP framework, builds on PHP‘s strengths, integrated with PEAR libraries, 10+ CMS modules included, includes tools for deploying and maintaining apps
SolarPHP Yes A PHP5 Web Framework. MVC-based.
sQeletor (A PhpMVC extension, It has not yet its own web, but you can download the source code and API)
Studs Java Struts from a PHP Perspective
struts4php Yes Yes Java Struts from a PHP Perspective struts4php is an application framework for PHP which is designed with the MVC pattern. It implements only the controller and lets the developer decide how to implement the model and the view.
symfony No Yes Mojavi, Propel, Ruby on Rails just another php5 framework ? Probably not. It takes the best of Mojavi, Propel and Rails, adds some more and packages it all into an integrated framework. MIT licensed.
TaniPHP Ruby on Rails PHP MVC Ruby on Rails like framework for PHPLGPL licensed.
Tigermouse No Yes ActiveRecord, TableGateway LGPL licensed PHP/AJAX framework for development highly interactive web applications. It is designed to build large web applications rather than just web pages. With Tigermouse you are not forced to write JavaScript.
web.framework No Yes web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. It features actions and action-chains, the ability to call to other actions or action-chains from an action-chain, pre- and post-actions with exceptions, validators for simple check forms, support for DB configuration in framework configuration, support for template systems (such as web.template and Smarty), a router for making URLs nice-looking, tokens, authorization frames, AJAX, clinet-side validation and many more.
Wolfden CMF
Xataface Yes Yes Quick form generation, relationship management, smarty templates, MVC. Get an Admin section of your website up in minutes. Similar to Django
Yellow Duck Framework Yes An object oriented framework for PHP web application. Include Ajax forms construction and validation, easy files and images handling, dblayer, XML/RPC clients and servers, syndicated XML feeds such as RSS and Atom. Small community but impressive demo available at deployment.
Zend Framework No Yes PHP5-MVC-Framework with a lot of extensions like PDF, Mail, …
Zephyr Framework Yes Ajax based MVC framework for PHP5 developers. You can easily develop ajax applications with business layer within minutes.
ZNF Yes PHP5 MVC framework for enterprise web applications
Zoop Framework Yes Yes The most unique of all PHP frameworks, Zoop features GuiControls (a PHP implementation of .net’s webcontrols), AJAXsupport and integration, automatic form validation and creation (including db integration), a Smarty templating system,PDF creation, session handling, and SMTP template-based email sending.

Дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэлийг эндээс


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