.NET Game Dev for Xbox 360

23 Jul

Сайн уу? .NET Game Develop буюу XNA технологи нь зөвхөн бидний мэдэх windows – д тоглоом бичиж болхоос гадна Xbox 360 – д ч мөн адил бичих боломжтой.

Мэдээж Xbox – ийн тоглоомын гарыг тусгайлан удирдахад зориулсан классуудтай.
Жишээ нь:

HowToPlay mHowToPlay;

Viewport aViewport = new Viewport();
aViewport.X = 0;
aViewport.Y = 0;
aViewport.Width = 1280;
aViewport.Height = 720;

mHowToPlay = new HowToPlay(Content, aViewport,;\

mHowToPlay.LeftTriggerText = “Rotate Left”;
mHowToPlay.RightTriggerText = “Rotate Right”;

mHowToPlay.DPadText = “Move”;
mHowToPlay.LeftThumbStickText = “Move”;

mHowToPlay.BackButtonText = “Exit”;
mHowToPlay.StartButtonText = “Pause Game”;

mHowToPlay.AButtonText = “Fire/Select”;
mHowToPlay.BButtonText = “Timewarp/Cancel”;


Source code – Татаж авах



Posted by on July 23, 2009 in .NET Visual studio, Learner, My, XNA Game Studio


2 responses to “.NET Game Dev for Xbox 360

  1. jordan 7

    January 8, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    An ounce of luck is better than a pound of wisdom.

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